Thursday, December 6, 2007

i think the clinic is south and east of here

so, IVF orientation was yesterday. i was oriented to several important facts.

a. clinic appt times are between 6:45-8:30 in the morning. ALL of them. so, that should be loads of fun for the dark wintery mornings. sigh.

b. if you are under 39, you will get one or two embryos.

c. if somehow you end up with 3+ gestations and you want to reduce, they support that decision but will not offer the reduction because they are a gov't facility blah blah blah happy to refer you elsewhere blah blah blah. oh, and the insurance doesn't cover it either.

d. birth control starts next cd 2, whenever that is, for all 40 of us sitting in the room.

e. no baseline appointment yet.

f. if you want a baseline appt, you will pay us a deposit. today. we take checks, mastercard, discover, visa, blood, sweat and tears.

so that was that. i paid them the money, and a little bit of my sanity with it, just for good measure. they said we'd hear by the end of the week as to when the baseline appts would be. of course, i haven't heard anything yet so i start the phone nagging tomorrow. i guess i should also cancel oregon tomorrow.

yesterday my clinical got canceled because of the snow so i went home and took a nap at 7:30pm and woke up this morning. i slept 13 hrs straight. rip van winklette, that's me.


Geohde said...

If your clinic is anything like mine, despite the disgustingly early hour there will always be a bunch of prefessional-looking women in suits queueing outside the door before it even damn opens.

Sleep is for fertile people, it would seem.


Lori said...

Wow. It sounds quite military.

Hoping it does the job, though.

Meghan said...

So jealous of that sleep!

Good luck with everything

ultimatejourney said...

During my cycle, the nurses all but told me the appt times were meaningless. They essentially said it was first-come first-served.

Shelby said...

Sounds so structured! But yay for moving forward! Hopefully it will work on the first try!

Early monitoring appts seem to be the norm. And the earlier you get there, the better off you are. Less waiting is a good thing.

dmarie said...

Hope you get your appointment soon. Wow on the sleep! Good for you.