Monday, March 22, 2010

the one in which i indulge my first world whine...

so, i don't like my job. i like the work that i do, but not my job. because i'm a government slave i can't just quit like i'd very very much like to. no, i have slightly less than 2.5 years left (but when cl comes back it will only be 2 yrs).

two years! t w o y e a r s. 2 yrs. holy hell.

i know that it's really a short amount of time overall. after all, when that date passes it will also mark two years already gone at this same job. and since i don't like it and don't care about advancement and have no reason to think i'll ever get a raise, it doesn't leave them that much leverage over me except, i guess, vacation time (which, actually, they've been pretty good about so far). i can ask for and may get schedule changes that would help me not hate it so much. i can leave ON my last obligated day and not look back.

and, it's alot better than alot of people's jobs. i do like the work. i'm not in a textile factory in bangladesh sewing soccer balls together 9 hrs a day 6 days a week until my fingers bleed and my lungs explode for $0.35 cents a day. and there's things to be said for the location...i like the house that i'm renting, i like my son's daycare, the lack of traffic is nice, the cost of living is somewhat lower than what i'm used to.

i have to try and keep that stuff in mind or the next t-w-o YEARS will drag by interminably. i have applied to other jobs, but the interest has been somewhat muffled. it's out of my control, so i just have to let it be. i can't force another job and i'm limited in what i can do to make my current situation better so i just have to remember that it isn't that bad, and two years isn't that long.



LJ said...

Ugh, that totally blows. Any nibbles back east?

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