Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dubious achievement awards

filed under parenting advice i don't intend to follow:

my stepmom to me: "you have to bite HIM to show him that biting hurts!" um...i'm not prepared to bite the baby, but thanks just the same.

my pediatrician to me: "don't give him a snack until he asks for it by name" ...considering little e's got a speech delay, i'm not prepared to starve him as well.

random stranger in the supermarket when e is twisting to get out of my arms: "well, on supernanny..." ok, but that is a TELEVISION show. they have editors and $hit. it's not literal truth just because you see it on tv. (and that goes extra-special double for YOU jenny mccarthy fans)

filed under no, seriously, why would you say that?
my mom to my sister regarding her twin boys: "one of them looks like robert d.owney jr., and the other looks like john g.oodman!" someone, get the lady a filter for the love of god!


Anonymous said...

awesome post! not even sure what to say but hilarious and right on the money :)


Heather said...

I KEEP getting told to bite her back. I just can't do that.

LJ said...

Yes, because being violent ALWAYS cuts down on violence! (shakes head)