Wednesday, April 9, 2008

stupidest...logic...ever (or, trying to get my NT scan)

so, bad news first: i talked to the attending dr of maternal fetal medicine at BethNav on monday, voicing my concerns with being offered a distinctly substandard aneuploidy screen, particulary when such a policy is distinctly at odds with acog guidelines. she informed me that acog states merely that all pregnant women should be offered _A_ screen, not the _BEST_ screen...and they just simply have too many patients to do an NT on all. i told her that given the 80% detection rate for serum alone and 95% for both combined, they'd surely miss quite a few downs cases that they could have otherwise detected. she said they are aware of that, it's just how it is. she offered me a cvs though, which is essentially a core biopsy of the placenta carrying with it the attendant risk of damage to the fetus or m/c. so, i can't get a 5 minute, non invasive screen, but i can get an expensive, risky, labor intensive procedure i don't really need? interesting. maybe she offered it because she assumed i'd say no, which is of course what i'm saying.

the good news: i am getting an NT scan, paying for it out of pocket, and with the help of the lovely and talented Leah it should only be $300-$400. praise be for fellow stirrup queens with connections! the scan is next tues at 830a, wish me luck!


Geohde said...

A screen and not the best, huh? Maternal age is *a* screen, by their sloppy standards I'm surprised that it hasn't occured for them to cut the blood test completely.

Glad you've found a way to get the non-invasive non-miscarriage risk test done, but what a daft situation,


DD said...

Ahhh, the power of the blog! Yeah that you are getting an NT arranged and while that really sucks that it will be out of pocket, you can calculate that it's about $16/wk in reassurance for the next 20+ weeks.

Plus, it's a great opportunity to meet your baby really up close and personal!

LJ said...

That's awesome!!!!