Sunday, April 6, 2008

inspired or truly stupid...time will tell

so, i think i'm going to order this doppler. it's a good one, and i lie and tell myself that it has another use besides my paranoia...i can use it on my patients on the rare occasions when that is necessary. surely a use that justifies the $550 price tag, nu?

not much up here. i'm still getting by sono to sono, hb to hb. 12wks tomorrow. tomorrow i'm also going to try and get the hb by doppler (similar model) after clinical. hopefully it won't be as agonizing trying to find it as last time, but will instead pop right up :).

i also don't look pregnant at all to anyone but myself. but last week my loving and adoring spouse did comment that i'm getting a bit fuzzy in the under-chin area. and yet, we're still married as of this week! i'm such a softie.

also: thanks to everyone for their suggestions regarding the NT screen madness. it is truly an astoundingly wretched policy to withhold the screen from those that want it. i looked into getting it elsewhere (i.e. on the civilian side) and it is prohibitively expensive. i would have to be seen by my old ob-gyn, pay out of pocket, be referred for a sono and pay for the sono, radiography tech and radiographer all out of pocket. in the state where i live, it would actually be cheaper to wait until the 18wk scan, and then get a late 2nd trimester abortion if i had to. it's definitely not good policy, but it seems to be the best of my limited options. :(


In and Out of Luck said...

Sorry about the insurance stuff. My doctors never even mentioned the existence of an NT screen, for this pregnancy or the first one - if not for the internet, I would never have even heard of it. I just got offered an amnio later in term, which I declined. But it sucks if you want one and can't get it. Congrats on 12 weeks tomorrow!

deanna said...

I totallly get you on the 12 weeks and not looking pregnant thing. You can only tell that something is going on if I wear a snug shirt, but even then, I don't look pregnant----just pudgy. I remember seeing my SIL pregnant last year at 14 weeks, and she was already HUGE! I feel gyped.

Can't wait to hear how it goes with the doppler. I've been lightly obsessing over one the past few weeks, and trying to distract myself from the purchase.

LJ said...

Dude - I'll totally buy that doppler off you after you're done with it! :)

Geohde said...

That policy about the NT is just criminal. They'll miss most of what they're looking for by excluding on age and cause a lot of unpleasant and very sad midtrimester deliveries. How awful.

Someone should teach them the prinicples of how a screening test works.

As for the doppler, I got a secondhand one on ebay- 70bux (aussie). Much cheaper :) :)