Wednesday, April 22, 2009

to contracept or not to contracept? that is the question...

so, firstly i'd like to point out that ez has recovered from the manhandlings of yesterday. he spent his day today as normal: drooling copiously, jamming his hands and anything else unlucky enough to cross his path as far into his mouth as possible, and practicing his new skill--shrieking. his mama, i fear, has PTSD. oh well.

anyway, as a veteran IVF'er, now post baby, i find myself in the odd position of deciding whether to proactively contracept. on the one hand, i would like another, but i'd like to wait until this one is no longer up 3x/night, every night. if the next one is also up 3x a night...well, that's 6x a night, at which point you might as well just give up entirely and enjoy the sleep-deprived visual hallucinations that creep in around the edges of your non-functioning state. maybe keep a thick pot of coffee on hand at all times. i believe i'd go slightly mad in relatively short order. so: yes to a second and yes to not now please!

but actively trying to prevent pregnancy seems odd to me right now. essentially, using bc means one believes that random, untimed, non-charted, unknown CM, non-ovarian stimulated, no-turkey-baster-in-sight type of s.ex could get them pregnant. and i'm not too sure about that. could random s.ex get me pregnant? it never has before. hell, even lots of timed/turkey baster style s.ex didn't do the job. using bc seems wasteful at best and smack full of hubris at worst. so, i dunno.

and i'm still waiting around to get the first baby AF yet, so who knows?


Meghan said...

I graciously took my OB's Rx for the pill after him telling me I wouldn't be the first patient with IF to get pregnant right after havign a baby...and never filled it. Just seemed silly to dope my body up on more hormones

Geohde said...

I took a Rx for the pill and never filled it. I'd say I was suicidal not to with twins, but you know my background.

Also, I was just taunting fate to bite me in the uterus and it didn't work. Heck, a sibling now would be getting on for not unusual spacing....


docgrumbles said...

I am actually going to my OB/Gyn today to get Mirena inserted for a year... and I haven't even been able to have actual post-baby intercourse yet! It definitely seems strange, considering I can't imagine I'd be preventing anything even with an actual sex life!

Anonymous said...

contracept ;)

remember my cousin that had secondary infertility? ya know, 7 y/o at the time, then had twin boys? well, they turned one year in February and she just found out she's expecting. and given the complications she had, there was no way she was getting pregnant, even after the ivf and being uber fertitle.

just saying: it could happen ;)