Sunday, August 3, 2008

not how i planned it, part dos

tonight i started regularly contracting again, which led to stomach pain. previously its been the other way around. things did quiet down with as much fluid as i could possibly ingest (ugh, heartburn) and ni.fedipine.

i know ni.fedipine is supposed to be taken prophylactically...that is, you take it 4x/day to prevent contractions. i've been taking it in the evening once i feel contractions. taking it the right way makes me feel like a$$ though...headache-y and nauseous. it sort of seems to work if i take it the wrong way, just sometimes like tonight i've gotta get through rhythmic ctx first.


it would be *really* nice if i could just get to 36 wks. i'm only 5 wks away.


battynurse said...

Ugg. Sorry. I hope that the contracting holds off and that 36 weeks comes quickly.

Meghan said...

Glad you were able to hold off those contractions. Is there anything else they can give you for them that won't give you the headaches, etc?

Shelby said...

Bah. Hopefully they'll disappear and stop giving you a hard time!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Congrats on 30 weeks! (comment was deleted from me because of typo hell).

I'll keep crossables crossed for a long boring 8 weeks :)

And, I feel your pain. I take nifedipine for my blood pressure now because it never went back down and it SUCKS!

ultimatejourney said...

I hope you can keep the contractions under control for another month or more!

Katie said...

can we get a little breakdown of what all these drugs are and what they are for?

does this have anything to do with a bicornaute (sp?) uterus?

are they confident about making the 36 week mark??

Karen @ Chez Perky said...

Ugh. There was a time that I was taking Nifedipine, Terbutaline, Indocin AND one other drug (I can't remember what it was) all to stop contractions and I was still having contractions. No fun.

Let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

Is there some reason you're NOT taking it prophylactically?

Geohde said...

Urk, sorry about all the drama, Mz Bee,