Thursday, May 8, 2008

my a$$ really hurts

so, the irony is thick being a health professional and all, but i'm pretty sure i gave myself sciatica with all of the self PIO injections into my buttocks. today i had excruciating pain with **walking**. that's right, walking. and since people tend to need to walk, i spent alot of today gimping around hurting quite a bit.

so, my sisters in the IF wars, watch where you shoot yourself because the sciatic nerve is unforgiving if tampered with.

in other PIO news i am just NOW--mind you, 6 or 7 wks since my last shot--gaining feeling back in the old top half of the tusheroo in general. for a while it was just straight numb, and then i'd have deep tingly itchy feelings, and when i went to scratch i couldn't actually feel my own fingers on my skin. now i get zings as the traumatized nerves and tissue slowly regain feeling, combined with feelings of warmth and itching. the rebirth of my a$$.

science babe seems to be doing ok, as far as one knows from the doppler, which is the good news at least.


Geohde said...

That sounds nasty- I hate the pessaries, but maybe there's an upside.

Glad you've got the doppler to keep you reassured re science babe,


Anonymous said...


well, god forbid you have a section, but if so: expect those same, itchy, tingly feelings (where you can't feel yourself scratching) for a while! I'm 13 months out and still don't have full feeling.

looks like the doppler was a grand idea!! but hey, keep us UPDATED MORE often...I check this blog like 5 times a day.


ultimatejourney said...

Glad things are going well with science babe! Sorry about the a$$, but I promise it's all worth it.

Dr. Grumbles said...

Hope it is not another one of those serious fertility treatment-related injuries!

Anonymous said...

supaman belly pic??